Bella(issima!) Paulista


Bella(issima!) Paulista

As Paderias are something of an institution within Brazil, I couldn’t leave it too much longer without mentioning the infamous Bella Paulista (Rua Haddock Lobo 354, São Paulo), The bakery to surpass all bakeries, this is the Mama Paderia of São Paulo, attracting a full crowd 24 hours a day – there was even a queue on New Year’s Day (of course it was worth the wait). Beyond the rodizio, you can enjoy a complete menu of excellent quality. However the main attraction is if course the cakes, tarts, buns, sponges, mousses, chocolates, trifles, flans, cookies and puddings. Or if you don’t have a sweet tooth, the coxinhas, croissants, pães, bolinhos, empanadas, pizzas, pasteis, and other salgadinhos. Faced with all this choice, who would have guessed that a firm favourite is the simple pão na chapa com requeijão? Toasted both sides with half a tub of requeijão, I certainly left utterly satisfied!


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