Want your beer Chopp-Chopp? Pull it yourself!



One thing you have to do in Manaus is watch the sunset over a few Chopps (Shot glasses to Europeans) of ice-cold beer, hand-pulled by you! The best place is by the waterfront, where you can jostle amongst the locals and the brightly painted wooden boats. Battuta Chopp provide giant taps of beer delivered direct to your table, perfect to share with friends and excellent practice for wannabe bartenders. It also saves a lot of time in ordering fresh Chopps!!


Bubbles galore at a price that wont leave your head spinning


Bubbles galore at a price that wont leave your head spinning

Aside from a fantastic selection of Cachaça, alcohol is generally a wallet-drainer in Brazil. If you desire a decent bottle of fizz, the fear of potential cost alone might put you off. However Pão de Açúcar has a surprisingly satisfying array of all things bubbly, with a cost range to please. You can still find the usual expenno Veuve and family, but there are also many types of sparkling Prosecco, crisp Cava, and fruity Brut to pop open with friends.

Coxinhas (that ironically give you coxões!)


Coxinhas (that ironically give you coxões!)

Sorocabanos consistently argue that coxinhas from Paderia Real, Sorocaba, are the best in Brazil. With so many different methods and subtle flavour differences depending on state, it’s a tricky argument to support. However they are definitely the best in Sorocaba, fluffy, sumptuous, and especially delectable hot from the oven. Follow them up with a few bolinhos de queijo!

Scotch Eggs, with flavour that gives your kilt a lift


Scoth Eggs, with flavour that gives your kilt a lift

There is a ton of palatable delights that can be found at the Feirinha Gastronômica at Praça Benedito Calixto, São Paulo on Sundays. However some of the most surprising are these homemade “Scotch eggs”. All the essential ingredients of meat, egg, and crunchy breadcrumbs brought to the fore by a local Brazilian company. They also sell variations with a vegetarian, Asian and Arabic twist!