Brazilian Blended Brunch



One decadently typical past-time in Europe or the states is a good old-fashioned Sunday Brunch. Not just about the delicious and varied food choices, this lazy social rendezvous is as much about the chat, relaxation, and mutual hangover recovery. São Paulo is catching on, and one place where you can find such a Brunch is Paribar. They have Pancakes and Waffles, Bloody Marys, Bellinis and Mimosas, of which the latter can be made with a variety of exotic juices. Of course they serve Eggs of every variety – not just the standard Benedict and Scrambled, but in addition some Brazilian twists – one with a meaty mushroom sauce and another with Asparagus and Brie. Simply sumptuous. Situated on the corner of the leafy Praça Dom José Gaspar, it’s the perfect place to unwind to the live Bossa Nova that is often played. And if you have room, there is always the Tapioca with Doce de leite…


Eat, Play, Love. Ludus offers games, drinks and sobremesas – never be board again!


Eat, Play, Love. Ludus offers games, drinks and sobremesas - never be board again!

Along with a delicious food and drinks cardapio, Ludus Luderia offers a unique supplementary menu with an enormous selection of board games! All your favourites (Monopoly, Operation, Ticket to Ride etc) as well as many lesser-known jewels. Also included are games for younger visitors – Dancing Eggs being a particular recommendation (age isn’t important of course, a group of over-30s loved this one!). The games are well preserved by respectful guests, and there isn’t any time limit… D&D veterans and first-time geeks alike can while away a long afternoon here, Rua Treze de Maio 972, Sao Paulo.

Scotch Eggs, with flavour that gives your kilt a lift


Scoth Eggs, with flavour that gives your kilt a lift

There is a ton of palatable delights that can be found at the Feirinha Gastronômica at Praça Benedito Calixto, São Paulo on Sundays. However some of the most surprising are these homemade “Scotch eggs”. All the essential ingredients of meat, egg, and crunchy breadcrumbs brought to the fore by a local Brazilian company. They also sell variations with a vegetarian, Asian and Arabic twist!

A trove of Indian, Asian, and American spices in São Paulo


A trove of Indian, Asian, and American spices in Sao Paulo

Located at Alameda Ministro Rocha de Azevedo 856, this is a spice-lovers delight. For all things tasty and exotic that you cant find in Carrefour, or can’t afford in Santa Luzia!

I almost had a foodgasm when I entered this little place as it has everything I had struggled to find elsewhere – they even have Saffron and Star Anise!

For those not confident with exotic cooking they have recipes and guides, or “Kit” boxes (upwards of R$100) that contain a selection of spices.

Especially picky chefs will be thrilled to hear they even have imported Thai coconut milk – thicker and creamier than the commonly found local stuff.