Watch the pups grow up, at the Cachorródromo do Ibirapuera



The Brazilian culture of friendliness, social interaction, and festivity doesn’t stop with humans! At the Cachorródromo do Ibirapuera (Rua Curitiba 290, São Paulo), you can bring your dog/s to make other canine friends, participate in games and training exercises, improve their tail-wagging social skills, and run and play to their heart’s content, securely watched over by many other canine admirers. In a city where large, safe open spaces are at a premium, it is a welcome respite to let your dogs run free, as the area is completely enclosed. and there is also no charge for entry. Nearby, Ibirapuera park could make up part 2 of a complete day out for your dog!


Want your beer Chopp-Chopp? Pull it yourself!



One thing you have to do in Manaus is watch the sunset over a few Chopps (Shot glasses to Europeans) of ice-cold beer, hand-pulled by you! The best place is by the waterfront, where you can jostle amongst the locals and the brightly painted wooden boats. Battuta Chopp provide giant taps of beer delivered direct to your table, perfect to share with friends and excellent practice for wannabe bartenders. It also saves a lot of time in ordering fresh Chopps!!