Embu das Artes: Cuteness Artisan Overload



30 minutes east of central Sao Paulo lies a town famous for it’s feira (market). Embu das Artes straddles several hillsides, sheltering a central area that is crammed with stalls, shops, botecos, cafes and restaurants of every description. Open at the weekend, the market specialises in arts and crafts, and includes paintings, crystals, furniture, accessories, decorations, sculptures, clothes, plants, and pretty much every type of hand-crafted item you could imagine. Each idyllic street houses row upon row of gaily painted cottages and stables, perfect for displaying the local produce. There is even a small area for filhotes (pets), should you be inclined to purchase a puppy. Its pretty easy to lose 6 hours here in the blink of an eye, and considering most vendors accept credit cards, it’s even easier to lose a good chunk of your salary.


Scotch Eggs, with flavour that gives your kilt a lift


Scoth Eggs, with flavour that gives your kilt a lift

There is a ton of palatable delights that can be found at the Feirinha Gastronômica at Praça Benedito Calixto, São Paulo on Sundays. However some of the most surprising are these homemade “Scotch eggs”. All the essential ingredients of meat, egg, and crunchy breadcrumbs brought to the fore by a local Brazilian company. They also sell variations with a vegetarian, Asian and Arabic twist!